Four Ball Wear Tester
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Four Ball Wear Tester

Brand KN

Product origin Dalian,China

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Supply capacity 30 sets one month

This test method, used for specification purposes, differentiates between lubricating fluids having low, medium, and high level of extreme-pressure properties. The user of this method should determine to his own satisfaction whether results of this test procedure correlate with field performance or other bench test machines.

Four Ball Wear Tester

KN-2783Z Automatic Four Ball Wear Tester


KN-2783Z Automatic Four Ball Wear Tester is used to test the Wear Preventive (WP) and Extreme Pressure (EP) characteristics of greases and lubricating oils in sliding steel-on-steel applications. It conforms to the ASTM D2783, ASTM D2266 and ASTM D4172 Standard Test Method for Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four-Ball Method).The tester adopts sliding friction, under the high point contact pressure, to evaluate the carrying capacity of the lubricant. It includes the maximum no seizure load PB, sintering load PD and composite wear value ZMZ three items indexes. The tested is also used for the long-time abrasion resistance tests, to measure the friction coefficient.


Working condition

  1. Temperature range:10~35℃

  2. Related humidity≤80%;

  3. There is no vibration around, no corrosive medium and no electromagnetic field interference

  4. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage should not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage.

  5. The fluctuation range of the frequency should not exceed 2% of the rated frequency.

  6. The unbalanced voltage of the three-phase voltage should not exceed 10V.

  7. Install the tester on a stable basis, the level should not exceed 0.2/1000.

Main parameters and index

  1. Test force range (stepless adjustable) 10N~10kN

  2. Test force display value relative error ±1%

  3. Test force long-time-kept value error ±1%F.S

  4. Friction force measurement range 0~300N

  5. Friction force measurement error ±2%

  6. Main axis rotate speed range (stepless) 200~2000r/min

  7. Main axis rotate speed range error ±10 r/min

  8. Friction pair temperature controlling range Ambient~200○C

  9. Friction pair temperature controlling error ±2○C

  10. Test time controlling range 1s~99h

  11. Main axis rotate speed controlling range 1~9999999

  12. Net dimension 980mm×750mm×1640mm

  13. Computer displays recorded

  14. Friction-time, friction coefficient-time, test force-time curve

  15. Net weight About 500kg

  16. Test steel ball φ 12.7mm

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