ASTM D2509 Timken Load Tester
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ASTM D2509 Timken Load Tester

Brand KN

Product origin Dalian,China

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Supply capacity 30 sets one month

The test method is used widely for specification purposes and is used to differentiate between greases having low, medium, or high levels of extreme pressure characteristics. The results may not correlate with results from service.

ASTM D2509 Timken Load Tester

KN-2509 Timken Load Tester


  KN-2509 Timken load tester is one of the most widely recognized testers for evaluating the load carrying capacity of extreme pressure lubricants. This tester evaluates fluid lubricants and greases containing extreme-pressure additives. Applicable Standard: ASTM D2509-93 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Load-Carrying Capacity of Lubricating Grease (Timken Method) and ASTM D2782-94 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids (Timken Method).

Working conditions

1.  At room temperature within 10-35 ° C, Relative humidity 80%;

2.  The surrounding no vibration, no corrosive media and no strong magnetic field interference in the environment;

3.  The fluctuation range of the supply voltage shall not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage;

4.  Install horizontally on a solid basis.

Technical parameters

1. Max. test force: 5000N

2. Accuracy for test force: ±1%

3. Max. friction force: 300N

4. Accuracy for friction force: ±2%

5. Spindle speed range: 100~3000r/min

6. Spindle speed error: ±2%

7. Spindle speed display range: 0-9999999

8. Time display range: 0~9999s or min

9. Test temperature: Ambient~300

10.  Temperature control accuracy: ±2%

11.  Dimension: 1000*700*1470mm

12.  Weight: 700kg 

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