ASTM D2163 Hydrocarbons In LPG By GC
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ASTM D2163 Hydrocarbons In LPG By GC

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The hydrocarbon component distribution of liquefied petroleum gases and propene mixtures is often required for end-use sale of this material. Applications such as chemical feed stocks or fuel require precise compositional data to ensure uniform quality. Trace amounts of some hydrocarbon impurities in these materials can have adverse effects on their use and processing.

ASTM D2163 Hydrocarbons In LPG By GC

KN-2163 Gas Chromatograph


    KN-2163 Gas Chromatograph is suitable for Liquefied petroleum gas production quality control, quality of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import and export commodity inspection, the LPG quality examination analysis results conform to the ASTM D2163 and GB10410.3-89 standard. Analysis of composition and the detection limits the gaseous hydrocarbon analysis below C5, not including alkynes

    This GC covers the quantitative determination of individual hydrocarbons in liquefied petroleum (LP) gases and mixtures of propane and propene, excluding high-purity propane in the range of C1 to C5. Component concentrations are determined in the range of 0.01 to 100 volume percent.

    This GC does not fully determine hydrocarbons heavier than C5 and non-hydrocarbon materials, and additional tests may be necessary to fully characterize an LPG sample


Product details

 The GC is suitable for analysis of gaseous hydrocarbon under C5, except alkynes components:air,methane(CH4),ethane(C2H6),ethene(C2H4),propane(C3H8),propylene(C3H6),iso-butane(iC4H10),n-butane(nC4H10),n-butene(1-C4H8),isobutene(iC4H8),cis butane(cC4H8),trans butane(tC4H8),1,3-butadiene,n-pentane(C4H10),iso-pentane(C4H10)    

concentration range:100PPm~50%

      GAS analysis:nitrogen,ethane,propylene,propane,iso-butane,isobutene,butane,Trans butene,2-Butene,isopentane,pentene,pentane.




  1. Double detectors, FID and TCD

  2. FID is used for testing:ethane,propylene,propane,iso-butane,isobutene,butane,Trans butene,2-Butene,  iso-pentane, pentene, pentane

  3. TCD is used for testing nitrogen

  4.  The GC is equipped with multiple steps temperature programming, can facilitate optimum chromatographic separation conditions, shorten analysis time, improve analysis efficiency, The

  5. GC is equipped with gas six-way valve, Double chromatographic column separation can realize one sample full analysis of the above ingredients, double six-way valve sample injection non-interfering, can realize sampling simultaneously.

  6. Equipped with 4 litres of aluminum bottles of special standard mixture, very convenient for quantitative analysis.

  7. Dual channel chromatography workstation, support/XP operating system, chromatographic spectrogram storage, data processing, report print follow one's inclinations. Equipment warranty is one year (except for man-made damage and loss), life-long maintenance



ASTM D2163

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