ASTM D2699 Octane And Cetane Test
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ASTM D2699 Octane And Cetane Test

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Research O.N. correlates with commercial automotive spark-ignition engine antiknock performance under mild conditions of operation.
Research O.N. is used by engine manufacturers, petroleum refiners and marketers, and in commerce as a primary
specification measurement related to the matching of fuels and engines.
Empirical correlations that permit calculation of automotive antiknock performance are based on the general equation:

ASTM D2699 Octane And Cetane Test

KN-300R Octane Number of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel


KN-300R Octane Number of Spark Ignition Engine Fuel conforms to ASTM D2699 Standard Test Method for Research Octane Number of SparkIgnition Engine Fuel and ASTM D2700 Standard Test Method for Motor Octane Number of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel. It covers the quantitative determination of the knock rating of liquid spark-ignition engine fuel in terms of Research O.N., including fuels that contain up to 25% v/V of ethanol and the quantitative determination of the knock rating of liquid spark


1. Standard detonation meter DT30DM, supports multiple operating methods.
2. DW engine, meeting standard requirement, and easy to maintain.
3. 4 sample tanks, and one of which can be fitted with a cooling jacket.
4. Detonation sensor DT30DS can be interchangeable without debugging.
5. Using a precision displacement sensor to measure the compression ratio, and engine phase be measured accurately by a rotary encoder.
5. With a special plug-in modular controller, stable and reliable, and can be connected to LIMS.
6. The software supports English and Russian, is designed according to standard operating procedures

Technical Parameters
1. Range of measurement:40~120.
2. Inner diameter of cylinder:82.55mm.
3. Piston stroke:114.3mm.
4. Range of compression ratio:4:1~18:1.
5. Rotate speed of engine:900±9r/min(Mon),600±6r/min(Mon)
6. Power:8.0kw  

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