ASTM D972 Evaporation Loss For Lubricating Grease
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ASTM D972 Evaporation Loss For Lubricating Grease

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The loss of volatile materials from greases and oils can adversely effect the original performance characteristics of a lubricant and therefore could be a significant factor in evaluating a lubricant for a specific use. Such volatiles can also be considered contaminants in the environment in which the lubricant is to be used. Correlation between results from this test method and service performance has not been established.

ASTM D972 Evaporation Loss For Lubricating Grease

KN-972 Evaporation Loss for Lubricating Grease


It conforms to ASTM D972 Standard Test Method for Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Greases and Oils. It is suitable to test the evaporation loss of the lubricating oil and lubricating grease. The evaporation loss is an important factor when using these lubricants, the evaporation loss can be tested at any agreed upon temperature between 100 and150°C (210 to 300°F).



  1. The apparatus adopts the tablemodel structure, including the heating bath and precise flow meter. There is a hole on the stainless steel cover, user can put specimen bottle in it.

  2. Ceramics clad layer stainless steel structure

  3. Environment friendly oil bathheats, decrease the harm of lampblack to human body, high-efficiency thermalinsulation effect

  4. Stainless steel heater

  5. Point-device flow meter, equippedwith needle valve, flow rate is 0 to 2L/min

  6. Air filter, equipped with glass wool

  7. Micro program thermostat and PIDcontrol, digital display temperature, precision 0.5℃, Pt100 RTD temperature probe

Technical Parameter

  1. Rated voltage: AC220V±10%  50Hz

  2. Power: 2000

  3. Temperature control range: Room Temperature~220℃, ±0.2℃

  4. Temperature control mode: High accurate PID digital display temperature controller

  5. Motor stirring: 1450r/min

  6. Bath holes: 2

  7. Timer: Digital timer, 0.01s~99.99h

  8. Flow control: 2L/min

  9. Evaporator: 304 Stainless Steel

  10. Coiler: Tinned red copper

  11. Noise: <47dB

  12. Volume: LWH: 380*460*630Weight: 25kg

  13. Ambient requirement: Temperature: 10~40℃ ;Humidity≤85%

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