ASTM D4294 Marine Oil XRF Sulfur Content
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ASTM D4294 Marine Oil XRF Sulfur Content

Brand KN

Product origin Dalian,China

Delivery time deliver as soon as received payment

Supply capacity 30 sets one month

This tester provides rapid and precise measurement of total sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products with
a minimum of sample preparation. A typical analysis time is 1 to 5 min per sample.
The quality of many petroleum products is related to the amount of sulfur present. Knowledge of sulfur concentration is necessary for processing purposes. There are also regulations
promulgated in federal, state, and local agencies that restrict the amount of sulfur present in some fuels.
This tester provides a means of determining whether the sulfur content of petroleum or a petroleum product
meets specification or regulatory limits

ASTM D4294 Marine Oil XRF Sulfur Content


 KN-4294 X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Content Apparatus has been the overwhelming choice in the petroleum industry for years. Continuous improvements in performance and usability allow us to offer a better instrument to suit your requirements. Our XRF sulfur analyzers comply with ASTM D4294 Standard Test Method for Sulfur in Petroleum and Petroleum Products by Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, while offering the most cost effective alternative for sulfur in petroleum measurement.


1.The analyzer got electromechanical integration design of computerization, large screen LCD display, man-machine dialogue operation, concise and beautiful;

2.High measurement range, fast detection speed and small quantity sample consumption.

3.We adopt Fluorescence intensity ratio analysis method, can calibrate temperature, atmospheric pressure and carbon hydrogen ratio(C/H).

4.Using disposable sample cup, can avoid cross contamination; also user may record the sample batch number, S%(m/m) date;

5.Highly accurate sample platform location, it’s very easy to put or replace oil samples.

6.Big storage for at least 1000 test data, user may check the content detection results and calibrated curve anytime.

7.We equip thermal printer for the analyzer.

8.The analyzer is equipped with standard RS-232C interface, can be connected to each PC.


Main Application

1.Our sulfur in oil analyzer can measure crude oil, heavy oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, naphtha and other kinds of petroleum products.

2.It can also test coal chemical products, for example, total sulfur content in primary benzene.

3.It can also test total sulfur or sulfide content in other liquid solid powder samples.

Technical parameters

1.Measuring range: 7ppm~5%;

2.Accuracy: a, repeatability (r):<0.02894(x+0.1691);b reproducibility (r):<0.1215(x+0.05555);<><0.1215(x+0.05555);<><0.1215(x+0.05555);<>

3.sample volume: 2~3ml(sample height 3mm~4mm);

4.measuring period: 60,120,240,300,600 seconds, Arbitrary set;

5.single sample auto test measured times: 2,3,5,10,50 Arbitrary set ,it can provide AVG and standard deviation at every end of measurement;

6.Calibrated curve: our analyzer can store 9 calibrated curves, five of linear line with one unknown; 4 of Binomial parabola

7.Working Condition: temperature:5~35℃;humidity:≤85%(30℃);power:AC220V±20V,50Hz;Power: 30W;


Included Accessories

1.Sample cell (three parts): 200sets,

2.Sample cell film (6μm Mylar) 200pics

3.Leakage protection device (two parts)

4.Multifunctional pressure shaping device(two parts)

5.Dust shield of leakage protection device

6.Printing paper(57 mm in width: 30mm)

7.Calibration sample (10ml/piece)

8.Power supply wire (250V/6A) 1piece

9.3ml pipette 200 pieces

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