ASTM B117 Salt Spray Apparatus
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ASTM B117 Salt Spray Apparatus

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Brief introduction to structural design
The salt spray test box has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, smooth
and smooth lines. The shell adopts high quality flame retardant PP plastic board, durable
temperature greater than 85 DEG C, between the board and the board of the joint by planing and
milling after a 90 degree angle, then using the high temperature molten plastic welding torch
welding wire fill, after cooling solid weld, the whole body of the joint box formation, compact
structure, glossy appearance, various auxiliary the same accessories for corrosion resistant
material production.

ASTM B117 Salt Spray Apparatus

KN-B117 Salt spray corrosion test chamber

  Salt spray corrosion test box is a kind of environmental test, which is mainly used to simulate the Salt spray environment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.

  (1) The neutral salt spray test is one of the most widely used accelerated corrosion testing methods.

It uses 5% sodium chloride solution, the solution pH value in the neutral range (6 ~ 7) as a spray solution. The test temperature was 35 degrees, and the salt spray settlement rate was between 1 and 2ml/80cm2.h.

  (2) Acetate spray test is to add some acetic acid in Sodium Chloride Solution in 5%.

  (3) copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test is a kind of rapid salt fog corrosion test abroad Newly developed test, the temperature is 50 DEG C, adding a small amount of copper salt and copper salt solution, strongly induced corrosion. It is about 8 times faster than the NSS test.

  (4) Alternating salt spray test is a kind of comprehensive salt spray test.


Test method

2,BS 3900 F12 (ISO 7253) British salt spray test method 

ASTM B117 salt spray test method 

GB/T2423.17-2008 salt spray test method 

GB/T 2423.18-2000 "basic rules of electrical and electronic products test Ka" 

GB/T10125-1997 corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres _ salt fog test Technical specification for GB/T10587-2006 salt spray test chamber Method for measuring environmental parameters of GB10593.2-1990 Electrical and electronic products Determination of heat resistance, salt fog resistance, weather resistance 

GB/T1765-1979 (Accelerated) film system test

GB/T1771-2007 paints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray

GB/T12967.3-2008 aluminium and aluminium alloy anodic oxide film detection method third part:

Copper acceleration

GB/T5170.8-2008 and equivalent IEC, MIL, DIN, ASTM and other related standards test method


Test method can be done:

  1. Salt spray test (SS test) for neutral salt spray test (NSS test)

  2. Salt spray test (ASS test)

  3. Copper accelerated acetic acid test

  4. Test temperature: neutral salt spray test: Test Room: 35 - 1 Deg. C, B. saturated air barrel: 47 - 1

  5. Deg. C, acid corrosion test room: 50 - 1 Deg. C, B. saturated air barrel: 63 - 1 Deg. C, can be set according to JIS and CNS standards.


Detailed parameter description

  1. Type and name: KN-B117

  2. Description: Inner box size: 500 x 600 x 450mm (W * D * H)

  3. Experimental box temperature range: RT+10 C ~ 65 C

  4. Saturated barrel temperature range: RT+10 to 70 DEG C

  5. Humidity range: >95%RH

  6. Temperature fluctuation: less than 0.5 DEG C

  7. Temperature uniformity: less than or equal to 2 DEG C

  8. The temperature deviation is less than 2 DEG C:

  9. Salt spray settlement: 1 ~ 2mL/80cm2 ~ H (average of more than 16 hours)

  10. Spray mode: pneumatic, continuous, gap spray mode selection

  11. Test methods: neutral salt spray test (NSS test), acetic salt spray test (AASS test), copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS test)

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