Lastest Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Tester

Lastest Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Tester


KN-445Z Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Tester is our latest product, it has features as below

Equipped with 16-bit sample tray, can work all day long. Intelligent preheat, inject, measure, clean, dry, calculate results and repetitive calculation.

The apparatus adopts photoelectric or thermal detection, can measure transparent and opaque samples, include Newtonian fluid such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, cutting fluid, heat conducting oil, additive, fresh and in-use lubricating oils, etc.

With PTC sample intelligent preheating function.The apparatus can control preheating temperature automatically according to the expected temperature of the sample.

Preheat temperature range: room temperature~120℃ Heating rate:15℃/min

Reduce the sample thermostatic time greatly during testing.

Build-in Peltier refrigeration system.It uses thermostatic bath liquid as cooling medium directly, features fast cooling speed.

Apply the self-adaptive liquid level balance technology. It adapts to large-span adjustment of test temperature, can increase and decrease thermostatic medium automatically during heating and cooling process, keep the same immersion depth.

The apparatus build-in Windows operating system, easy to operate, can be connected to LIMS system and barcode scanner, input sample information automatically.

The system build-in automatic calibration function of the viscometer constant, and temperature calibration, internal clock timing calibration, also can convert Kinematic viscosity into Engler viscosity and calculate viscosity Index automatically and other functions

Overtemperature protection function of both software and hardware. Over temperature alarm, dry heat protection, cleaning solution insufficient prompt, waste liquid cleaning prompt and other functions, ensuring safe operation.

Double glass bath design,PT1000 high precision temperature sensor, double-blade stir, make the thermostatic bath keep stable and accurately, temperature precision is 0.005℃.

Automatic intelligent dual solvent cleaning function, cleaning mode can be customized.

With timing verification port, can do accurate time verification to the instrument through a standard time calibrator.

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