lubricants lab project in Lagos Negeria

lubricants lab project in Lagos Negeria


End user from the country of Nigeria, ordered 15 of instruments for their newly designed lubricanting oil lab, the certain list is as below

ASTM D92 open cup flash point apparatus 

ASTM D445 kinematic viscosity bath

ASTM D1500 color test

220mg,0.1mg digital balance

ASTM D482 Oven for ash test.

ASTM D892 anti foam test

ASTM D5800 evaporation loss, Noack test

ASTM D4683,ASTM D4741 TBS test

ASTM D5293 CCS test

ASTM D664,ASTM D2896 TBN,TAN test

ASTM D6278 shear stability by diesel injector

ASTM D4006 water in crude oil

ASTM D130 copper corrosion

ASTM D4294 X ray sulfur content analyzer

ASTM D97,ASTM D2500 pour and cloud point apparatus


this is a typical lubricanting oil lab, customer who is interested in lubricants testing, this list can be referred。

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