ASTM D2668 by FTIR solution

ASTM D2668 by FTIR solution







Main host


1.         Wavenumber range: 7800~350cm-1

2.         Resolution: better than 1cm-1

3.         Signal noise ratio: RMS value is better than 150000:1 P-P value is better than 30000:1 (DTGS, Resolution @ 4cm-1, sample and background scan for 1min @ 2100cm-1)

4.         Detector: High sensitivity pyroelectric detector

Imported with original packing

5.         Beam splitter: Multi-layer coating with potassium bromide with moisture-proof coating

Imported with original packing

6.         Scanning speed: Microcomputer control and select different scanning speeds, speed is  continuously adjustable, spectrogram automatic comparison

7.         Infrared light source: long-life high-intensity air-cooled infrared light source

Imported with original packing

8.         Wave number accuracy: 0.01cm-1

9.         High stability optical system: integrated design of optical stage, airtight interferometer; It has the function of quick identification of humidity conditions

10.     Both the moving mirror and the fixed mirror adopt an integrated angle mirror design, which effectively ensures the consistency of the angle mirror matching, and the enlarged reflective surface of the angle mirror ensures higher light transmission and high reflectivity. Meanwhile, the vertical accuracy of all sides of the angle mirror is high, and the bonding will not be affected by the temperature and bond-free, which maximizes the stability of the tester

11.     Rated voltage: AC220V,50Hz

12.     Operation system: Windows 7 / 10

13.     Data transmission port: USB 2.0

14.     Weight: About 16kg

1 set

Operation software

Software work station

Spectrum with annotation, data processing function, spectrum retrieval and comparison function, self-diagnosis function, spectrum self-adding function, spectrum matching analysis function, standard file format, software workstation to provide lifetime free upgrade service, comes with more than 200,000 standard infrared spectrum library, easy to retrieve and compare analysis

1 set

Dedicated software

Standard quantitative module

Automatic figure out the test result, no need to do the calculation base on the Excel file. It adopts the standard curve method to do the quantitative analysis

1 set


Fixed liquid cell

NaCl window chip, for measuring wavelength 7800~400cm-1, optical path: 0.1mm

2 sets in total, 1 set is for standby

2 sets

Moisture proof chamber

Effectively improve the service life of the core components of the instrument, prevent moisture and dust, and reduce the loss caused by improper manual maintenance

1 pc


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